If it is necessary, would you fight?

Today made my cry. Really. Events in Ukraine are scaring me and as I see news, read blogs, informational sites and find other info about upcoming (or happening) war in Ukraine – the fear inside me grows. 

You could ask why, I guess. But I bet, you already know the answer.

An year ago I had a dream. I dreamt that one of supercountrie(probably, Russia) attacted Baltic Countries with chemical weapon. This weapon caused something very similiar to zombies (or they just looked like them (whatever, there were panic, that’s the matter)). And I dreamt, that my mom died, most of my friends, died and we, survivors moved to other Continent. And I was scared, ’cause remains of this nightmare still follows me sometimes. 

And now, these events. 

And they are somehow related. 

And I am scared. 

But this is not the only one thing I am scared about today. Lithuanias action can provoke war too. We blocked russian TV channels, NATO protects us with an air force (and are planning to protect us with land forces too) and other things, happening on the internet, blogs, sites and so on. I can’t live calmly, even if I know that NATO will PROBABLY help us. I just can’t.

Like, I am walking and all those people are talking about III world war, how it will be, who will occupate who. And I know, that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will go to the Russians. Do you imagine that?  They will block us, they will not allow us to travel, we will not be allowed to use our minds, words. There are many means, that will be used against us after the occupation. At second world war, it was scary, but I’m pretty shure, that today it would be more terryfing. 

I would be glad if you share your information and oppinion about III WW and Ocupation of The Baltic States too. 


Miss Astronomy


Completely ordinary

Completely ordinary

Who is she? A completely ordinary person, who got hert lucky ticket. How did that happend? I bet she has no Idea. And who needs idea, when there is provement? Or there isin’t?
From a small town, all by herself she fought trough difficulties. Supported only by the closest friends and a closest person left for her on this earth – Mother.
Why did she decided to leave her old life and take such an adventurous oppurtunity?
Mostly, because she needed it. Because her dreams ar like stars – far a way, but so close when you look at them in a dark night sky. Because she dreams big and likes to achieve her dreams. Because she doesn’t know where she is going, but she knows, that this would be wonderful. And of course – Harvard!
Sometimes, dreams just must come true.
This is my first word.
This would be the last, spelled out of my mouth when I die.
‘Cause only dreams makes world go around.

With love,
Miss Astronomy