Studying headache


I bet every of had that feeling, when you go to sleep at 1 o’clock at night and wake up at 6 o’clock in a morning. I can say – I never liked this kind of expierence. Well, it has suddenly become my every day routine.
So today, is a very same day as every day from my week- it’s evening, I’m having a headache and I’m callming myself down with some concetration music, that helps not also to focus on a subject I’m learning, but relax too.
So, what is the magic formula for picking up a perfect song to play, while you studying?
There are thousand videos going in and out youtube. There are isochronic tones, relaxing voices, deep breathe exercises, plays, musical parts, music mixes, classical music pieces and so on. How to pick the one, that would fit your learning style and how to create “learny” atmosphere?
STEP ONE: watch youreslf while you are learning.
What do you do? Do eat while you read something? Do you look trought text or make notes? Do drink much water? Can you concentrate on whone subject for longer that an hour?
These are really important, ’cause your music style MUST fit your rythm. For me, it’s calm, deep tones or classical piano pieces. For you it can be some kindda a beat or just a calm voice of a person. You have to be really carefull while your choosing song.
Here are some examples:
IF YOU ARE CALM AND LOOK TROUGH YOUR NOTES CAREFULLY – you just have to take some music that will be like a background for you. Look trought “background music while studying”.
IF YOU CAN’T CONCENTRATE – look for silent music pieces, that while keep your rythm up. Search for “concentration music” or use my tone, if you liked the one I found.
IF YOU NEED TO RELAX BEFORE STUDYING – look for relaxing isochronic tones. They are really helpfull.
IF YOU ARE PREPARING FOR TEST OR DOING A PROJECT – look for concentration and memory music. Just do remember to choose a piece you like.
STEP TWO:choose music you like to listen and match it with things around you.
Seems easy, huh? Acctually, that’s pretty hard, trust me. You can’t listen to rock, while you studying because it just would work out. And you can’t listen to classical Mozart piece when around you is a little mess. Prepare your atmosphere and match it with your music. Here are some usefull tricks on how to do it. Once you picked up a song listen to it carefully. Is it fast, slow? What emotions it brings to you? What memories, pictures makes up in your head? This is really important. Most of people imagine good thing while listening calm music, so I guess I pick this option and describe it. If you want to create good atmosphere you must listen to your heart. At first, have a lot of light. Light is not only good for your eyes, but also helps you concentrate and focus on studying subject not worrying how to read. Second, light some candles. Candles helps to relax, just don’t use aromatic ones. They are good, but can effect you different. Read about a smell in the internet and then use it. And of course, thirdly – plan your time. Plan, how mush time would you give to that subject, how much you need to learn and so on.
STEP THREE:relax and focus ONLY on studying.
If you realy want to learn something, focus only on it. That means no facebook, twitter or other random sites you visit in your free time. Free time is free time, and studying is studying.

Hope you like it and it will be useful for you. 🙂

With tones of love,
miss astronomy

p.s. feel free to contact me in facebook if you have any questions. :))