After a short break – new post! And a lot of more funnier and happier than it was last time I wrote.

At first,I think that most of you are wondering what school I am going to study next year. And I already have an answer – it’s Rabun Gap Private School at Georgia, USA. It looks really amazing to me and I can’t even wait till I get there. Detailed information about school you can find in website –

Other news, is that I’m finnaly finnishing 10 grade at Alytus Adolfas Ramanauskas – Vanagas gymnasium. Soon, I’ll take my maths and lithuanian exams and then it’s done – I’m free to enjoy my summer and time ’til USA.

But my main topic of this blog, is different than my school and finals. It’s reading. So I surfed the Net and I found some really cool guys doing this challange – reading 100 books that you definately have to read in your life. And I thought, why couldn’t I do it? So I think, I am taking this challange. 

I promise to write, after I finnish one of the books and talk about it, write a reflection maybe. But for now, I have to say goodbey!

Love you all, 

R. S. I

P.s. you can find booklist here –