Completely ordinary

Completely ordinary

Who is she? A completely ordinary person, who got hert lucky ticket. How did that happend? I bet she has no Idea. And who needs idea, when there is provement? Or there isin’t?
From a small town, all by herself she fought trough difficulties. Supported only by the closest friends and a closest person left for her on this earth – Mother.
Why did she decided to leave her old life and take such an adventurous oppurtunity?
Mostly, because she needed it. Because her dreams ar like stars – far a way, but so close when you look at them in a dark night sky. Because she dreams big and likes to achieve her dreams. Because she doesn’t know where she is going, but she knows, that this would be wonderful. And of course – Harvard!
Sometimes, dreams just must come true.
This is my first word.
This would be the last, spelled out of my mouth when I die.
‘Cause only dreams makes world go around.

With love,
Miss Astronomy



  1. Wow! I loved it! and I’m so happy that I was your inspiration! Thank you for that a lot! And I especially loved your words ‘sometimes, dreams just must come true’ thank you for them! They made me believe!
    Wrote soon miss Astronomy πŸ˜‰

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